Aniekan Inyang


Hi, I am Aniekan, a Computer Science grad student with interests in the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Text classification to predict which tweets are about real disasters or not
The aim of this project is to solve the fake news problem from the angle of real disasters. Given a dataset of tweets and respective labels, the model should correctly predict whether other tweets are about real or fake disasters.
Link to code
Second part article for the project

Live data monitoring of covid-19 cases in Nigeria
Put together visualisations tracking spread of covid19 virus in Nigeria, deaths, testing and State policy responses. The data is live and collated from the NCDC automatically.

Design and Development of an Ontology Based e-Tourism Recommender System
The aim of this project was developing an ontology for tourism attractions in Nigeria. The ontology contains information about tourism activities and destinations, hotels, resorts, parks, restaurants and other tourism sites sorted by location within Nigeria. Attributes, instances, relationships, classes and subclassses will be used in automatically mapping sites to themselves and used in accurately recommending a tourist attraction to a user. The proposed Nigerian Tourism Ontology is based on Ontology Web Language (OWL).
Link to code

Data visualisation portfolio
A collection of Tableau visualisations done from diverse data